Meet Our Clients

Collaborative Efforts


Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co.

Career-Long Partner

After many years in their industry, our client asked us to help integrate their marketing efforts in order to deliver stronger results internally and externally. From the time we came onboard we have elevated their creative messaging to focus more on their consumer's journey and the Barnie's brand, delivered an integrated approach to marketing, found efficiencies and built a roadmap and strategy for their 2021 marketing efforts.


Florida Virtual School

A Fresh Start

FLVS approached us to work as an embedded team member to help in several areas where they needed a little extra help.  We introduced creative and project management processes that helped them find a more efficient and effective way to accomplish goals, work together with internal departments as well as manage the creative / campaign projects in a more strategic approach.  We also pulled together several strategy plans specific to their global efforts.


The Haunted Road

Starting Small

We helped The Haunted Road with a marketing plan to launch their innovative new product, a drive thru halloween experience.  We helped with ticketing, PR and creative strategies as well as placed and negotiation media partnerships.

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Visit Orlando

Orlando-Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Visit Orlando reached out to us to help fill a resource need and help manage / coordinate a special project for them.  Managing a month-long photo shoot and taking on the role of main liaison between Orlando area business executives and Visit Orlando executives managing / coordinating 45+ photo shoots / locations throughout the month-long project.